About Us

Located on a second generation family farm and the creek it overlooks, Otter Creek Winery, is one of Northern New York’s original farm wineries.  Owned and operated by Kyle Hafemann, the youngest person to ever start a New York Farm Winery, opened in 2007 and currently produces over 7000 gallons of 13 different varieties of wine. Our grapes are grown on our second generation family farm located in Philadelphia, NY. The use of cold-hardy grapes produces wines unique to this area of the country.


Our Grapes  

An Elmer Swenson variety reported to be a Kay Gray cross. A greenish gold grape that turns gold when fully ripe. Makes a white dessert wine with a pronounced pineapple nose and flavor. Can also be used as a table grape.

This University of Minnesota selection has excellent winter hardiness and good wine quality. The wine has a distinct apricot like flavor with good aromatics. Clusters are long and slightly loose turning golden brown when mature.

Produces early-ripening amber fruit similar to that of its parent, Ontario, but the vine is much more winter hardy.

Swenson Red
Medium to large, non-slipskin, firm meaty grapes; red to quite blue. Excellent dessert variety makes a great wine. Long, distinctive, dumbbell-shaped clusters.

Extremely winter hardy red grape variety that produces a full bodied wine of high quality.

A blue-black variety, Valiant is super winter hardy for the Northern states and Canada. It has small compact clusters of small berries, and ripens three weeks before Concords.

Frontenac Gris
Is a natural variant of Frontenac with light red/gray fruit. Frontenac Gris makes a white wine with a peach flavor and tropical fruit/grapefruit undertones. In all other respects, it is identical to Frontenac.